We provide facilitation processes for groups of all sizes, creating a safe place for difficult conversations and decision making.

Skills Development

If you want to enhance your skills in collaboration, negotiation, or resolving conflicts, we have the training and skills development you need.


Mediation enables each side to say what needs to be said, to hear and understand and resolve differences in mutually acceptable ways.

A Manager's Guide to solving problems

Transform Your Team! Get the tools to navigate relationships, build compromises and collaborations, and keep employees on track.


What if you spent more time solving the problem instead of arguing? What if you could respond to a complaint without losing your cool? What if your team could sit down and work together effectively to get the job done? What if you faced difficult conversations with confidence?

When reaching agreement really matters, when working together seems impossible, when you need cooperation and collaboration, Frameworks for Agreement provides expertise in:

  • Creating a climate for constructive discussions
  • Providing sensible problem-solving processes and structures
  • Restoring productive, durable working relationships

We bring 20 years of expertise, providing a safe place for people to solve problems and work together effectively, and giving people the tools and skills you need to keep your cool.

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